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Imperial Drummers are a UK based Dhol drumming collective that specialise in delivering high quality Dhol performances, no matter what the occasion. We as a team of devoted Indian percussionists combine musical passion with high intensity energetic stage presence to leave audiences mesmerised. By priding ourselves in ensuring that your event is one to remember, we believe that having Dhol drummers is an essential part of your big day when it comes to the entertainment. With almost ten years of experience under our belt, providing our team of Dhol drummers will add that special touch with an exceptional performance that will truly leave your guests in awe.

Trav 'saXingh' Panesar is a professional and versatile saxophonist and entertainer - one of the UK's finest live DJ accompanists.Saxsingh’s unique sax-playing abilities, combined with his captivating showmanship, will have your audience reeling in nothing short of amazement. Whether it’s playing alongside the world’s finest DJ-ing talent or free-styling from within the crowd, saXingh injects passion into every performance to deliver show-stopping live sax.


By blurring the lines between the DJ booth and the dance floor, saXingh has the ability to entrance the listener, blending seamlessly into the original recording to enhance the musical experience. saXingh doesn’t just play over the tunes, he plays with the tunes to transport his audience into a musical utopia. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, slick, professional saxophonist who oozes sax-appeal and can entertain an audience.

Anett is a London based Belly Dancer specialising in Egyptian and Turkish style Belly Dance.

She loves to interact with the audience and has an energetic and cheeky style. Anett has extensive experience performing at Restaurants, Private Parties, Hen Parties, Mehndis, Walimas, Weddings and Corporate Events. She is also available to hire to teach taster workshops.

Anett has trained with a wide range of teachers including Charlotte Desorgher (Hipsinc) and the internationally renowed Hossam and Serena Ramzy.

She performs with stunning props including veil, fan veils, shamadan and Isis wings. Folkloric styles like Saidi can be included for a more earthy feel so as mesmerising floor work.

Apart from Belly Dance, Anett also dances Bhangra.


Belly Dancer

 Our renowned and unique professional bhangra dance team adds vibrant colour and life to any event. As a specialist art-form, bhangra joyfully unfolds the story of our rich culture by way of celebrating the harvest season in the Punjab. Our dancers have performed with many of the leading artists in the bhangra industry. Their many prestige appearances include The Festival of London, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Trafalgar Square events to Channel 4's Paul 'O Grady show, in liaison with councils and charities to awards ceremonies and festivals.


Our performances are popular throughout the UK and abroad. This typically energetic and invigorating style of dance provides a proud and vivid display of heritage. Traditional dhol players and live singing can be incorporated alongside the dancers at performances. As the dancers execute their steps to the beats of the dhol and the bhangra music, the audience is sure to be excited!

4all2Envy Entertainment Ltd is an international entertainment, dance and services company. We boast a huge array of entertainment dancers, various styles, workshops and inventive concepts to create the best possible entertainment for your Event, Party, Product Launch or Production.

Good entertainment can bring your event to life and create a memorable function for all of your guests. Enhancing live entertainment and dance, raising excitement, emotion and fun at your event.

4all2Envy was founded in 2015 by the creative director Selina Mughal who has a dedicated team, supplying professional entertainment solutions internationally and locally, whether you are looking for a choreographed dance show, themed entertainment or someone experienced to plan your event. 

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